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Movie Reviews

torstai 17. maaliskuuta 2011

Hi friends!

Release Date: 15 October 2010
Genre: Action | Comedy
Cast: Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker, Richard Dreyfuss, Brian Cox
Director: Robert Schwentke
Writers: Warren Ellis, Cully Hamner
Studio: Summit Publicity

Bruce Willis Bruce Willis ...
Mary-Louise Parker Mary-Louise Parker ...
John Malkovich John Malkovich ...
Helen Mirren Helen Mirren ...
Karl Urban Karl Urban ...
Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman ...
Rebecca Pidgeon Rebecca Pidgeon ...

 Please watch trailer!

This is my first review so please comment and give me feedback that i can do better reviews for you!

I must highly commend the Director, Producers, Actors and of course the screen play writers for giving us one of the funniest movies that I have seen in a long time...
And i mean it! This movie was fun and full of action.!

It's not perfect, but what film is? If I was paid to criticise it I could think of a couple minor complaints but within its genre this is as near to perfection as it gets. Other films will be remembered longer and will receive more acclaim but this movie does exactly what it sets out to do better than almost any other I can think of.

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  1. that movie is just awesome imho, has some best action shots of all bruce willis films. Especially that cop-car jumpout

  2. Hey I loved this movie, It's full of action and also hilarious :)

  3. Haven't watched it yet but looks good. I'll give it a try

  4. Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.

  5. Deleted previous post by accidet :/

    Anyways, sick movie. There's another movie called Red that has the same actor who played the russian in this movie. Watched it by accident once, lol.

    Nice blog, follow'd.